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School Projects policy leaflet.
“I made mine like flower monsters” Ian Rourke age 10, a winner in 2004. This design is still in use today.
Hannah Grainger Clempson of Church High School in Jesmond won in 2002 with her Skip Caging Scheme. This scheme has been such a success that The Open Council have recently extended the project to include the caging of trees, posts, benches, cars and even cages themselves.
Donna Brown’s Tree Netting project (winner of Create a Scheme 2005) has had to be re-located due to the sudden demolition of Newgate Street.
Previous Winners
“I’m allergic to flowers so I wanted them high up in the sky but the council men did it wrong.” Tina Walker age 8
Nine year old Sai Ho Cheung designed the floral display above. “ I wanted them to be like Christmas puddings”
Patricia Hough (right) working on this years floral display project with children at Benton Park Primary School.
Floral Display
The bins are adjusted quarterly and get gradually higher and higher. The picture above shows the projected height of bins in 2012.
The Sky Bins are installed at a height of 120 cm.

The winners of last years 'create a scheme' competition were from Byker primary school. Their winning entry was the Sky Bins Scheme which the Open Council is currently implementing throughout the district.

The winning designers are from left, Ben Mukherjee, Greame Highland, Tom Gifford (project manager), Daniel Walker and Jacob Blake.

Sky Bins
"........let the children decide"
Open Council School Projects