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The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round
something to wear something to eat
inner sanctum
no margin for error
civil enforcement officer
Councillor Meagre stays late to interpret a Social Enterprise conference held at Newcastle University in 2009.


i'll grind you down
von lenz
Don't Meddle In My Affairs
You Are Incorrect

Councillor Meagre is a local singer songwriter who works in the Culture and Tourism department of the One North East regional development agency where he occupies a key position in the interface between culture and business in Newcastle. All of Councillor Meagre's songs are inspired by his experiences at work where he uses music and song to reflect on and digest the events of the day.

"The majority of my songs are recorded in the office, either during lunch break or after work - it's a great way to clear my head. I like to work quickly and simply so as not to be caught in the act by any of my colleagues so I use an old charity shop acoustic guitar, a small 'ebay' keyboard and audacity recording software which is free. A residency at the Open Council is a great opportunity for me to present my songs to a local audience while still remaining anonymous."

Councillor Meagre