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Red Bands

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“ sometimes I think that this project could last forever.”
Patience: David painstakingly transfers his collection.
Public: The red bands in an exhibition last year.
The possibilities for rearranging are endless. For David its not only a question of where to put the red bands but also how to find innovative new ways to transfer them.
Following: David often works with the local postman.
“They’re in a bucket at the moment but I store them in other things as well, or I’ll put the bucket in something else. I just do what springs to mind!”
David stores the bands that accumulate over the weeks and months in his studio where they stay until there is an opportunity to show them to people.
“A good find can really make my day.”
The only time he lets one go is if it is on private property or if it would be socially awkward to pick it up. “ I once saw one during a job interview. It was on the floor in her office, I couldn’t bear it. I didn’t get the job.”
David sometimes goes out specifically to find red bands but normally he just picks them up whenever they appear. “ If I see one I just can’t help myself.”
“The Open Councils ‘find, collect, rearrange’ scheme seemed to fit in with my red band collecting so I contacted them.”
“I sometimes show the bands in art exhibitions. Where else could I show’em?”
Finder, collector and rearranger David Foggo has been collecting red bands for over two years. He finds red bands everywhere, mostly single bands but occasionally groups of five and six.
Red Bands