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106.5 FM
The Open Council support Radio Hive.
106.5 FM
106.5 FM
The Open Council support Radio Hive.

Another unique feature of Radio Hive is that it is site specific, this means that you can only tune in at certain choice locations around Newcastle that have agreed to host a Radio Hive transmitter. Working in this way Radio Hive gradually evolves a community of listners, users and hosts and allows the public to get involved at every stage of the process.

The Open Council are proud to become one of the growing family of institutions around Newcastle that act as a transmission host for Radio Hive but that's not all. The Open Council are opening up the residency program for use by Radio Hive listeners who want to record content for the station but are not sure how to go about it. Email info@opencouncil.co.uk for details about how you can record something for Radio Hive.


Visit the Radio Hive facebook page for more information about how you can participate.
The Open Council support Radio Hive.
This means that there are no disk jockeys and no end to the broardcast and you decide what is played by uploading your own content to the Radio Hive server that will then automatically add your submission to the official playlist.
"At Radio Hive everyone's DJ."
106.5 FM
Radio Hive 106.5 FM
106.5 FM
Regular stations let the public participate through quiz's, comment and song requests but Radio Hive goes much further by using an randomized automated system.
Radio Hive 106.5 FM
The Open Council are happy to feature Newcastle's first site specific radio station Radio Hive. This radio station has a unique approach to broardcasting that means that the community of listeners can have their say in every aspect of the of the running of the station.

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