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Public Bonsai policy Leaflet
How to care for the Public Bonsai

Each Public Bonsai comes equipped with a set of instructional illustrations, a pair of safety trimmers (attached to the pot) and plastic water container.

Councillor Bob Thompson will hold regular bonsai workshops, throughout the region, where he will demonstrate basic and advanced bonsai techniques.

Six years ago councillor Bob Thompson was dispatched to Japan to study Bonsai with renowned master Haruki Funato. Bob returned to Newcastle a master of all things Bonsai and is now poised to take charge of the Public Bonsai project in Newcastle.

Dave Murray pruning the Byker Bonsai

The Open Council believe that the Public Bonsai project is a great way to strengthen ties in the community.

The Public Bonsai’s are a gift from the Open Council to the people and as such it is your responsibility to care for the tree and guide its growth.

Once the trees have been installed the Open Council will not provide any maintenance, even if a tree is on its last legs. If the tree is being neglected or vandalised it is up to you to step in and save it.

Without pruning, their natural growth habit will take over; the upper and outer branches and shoots will extend strongly at the expense of the inner and lower growth.

Without the restriction at the roots in the confines of a bonsai pot, the tiny bonsai tree's would theoretically grow to a natural height.

The Open Council are proposing to install bonsai trees in Byker, Heaton, Fenham, Wallsend and Northumberland Street with more locations to follow.

Bonsai Basics

Originally a practice of containerising ancient wild trees in China, Bonsai was exported to Japan around 500 years ago where it has become an art form. Bonsai need to be pruned on a regular basis so they keep their diminutive size.

Public Bonsai........ "its up to you"