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Policies Pending/


The Public Archery policy leaflet.
“Allowing our officers to use long range rubber arrows would significantly increase our tactical options in crowd control situations."
Ready for action in Heaton

Northumbria police have expressed an interest in the public archery scheme.

A request has been officially made to allow police officers access to the bows and arrows in the light of increased drunk and disorderly behaviour throughout the city.

The Police and Archery
A bow box at New Eldon Square
Open Councillors let fly in exhibition park last year.
The night archery set up in Jesmond
In 1983 a similar public archery scheme in Berlin was introduced. It was a huge success and recorded almost total participation figures.

Our aim is to promote urban archery as ‘the city’s past-time’. Archery also has considerable physical and mental benefits.

The City's Past-time
An arrow box on Chillingham Road
"Archery is a great way to meet people and bring communities closer. Anyone can do it and everyone should!"
Archery officers will hold the keys to the equipment and the public will have the chance to get involved by registering for an urban archery event in your area.
Bows outside Newcastle City Council
A target box on Chillingham Road

The Open Council have recently acquired the use of hundreds of new archery storage spaces throughout the district.

The new spaces were unused electrical boxes and have been empty for close to three years.