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Urban Jackanory - in development -

Urban Jackanory will follow the same format as the long-running BBC children's television series that was designed to stimulate an interest in reading. The traditional format, which hardly varied over the decades, involved an actor reading from famous children's novels or folk tales while seated in an armchair, although later episodes took the radical step of allowing the presenters to stand up. The purpose of an Open Council Urban Jackanory policy would be to bring all that was good about the children's story telling television program to Newcastle with one difference, our stories will be told from various locations in and around the city centre and be available for the members to view on you tube.

Councillor Meagre has been approached to read the book of his choice at the location of his choice for the first episode, his selection of Oblomov at the Civic Centre is currently in production. The long term goal of the policy is to generate interest in public storytelling among the members and to encourage members to record their own episodes with the story and location of their choice and send them to the Open Council for display.

Potential problems:

The length of time it will take to finish the reading will be significantly higher than the one week average of the original BBC Jackanory children's stories. This may cause problems in you tube and multiple accounts may have to be created.

Performing a full reading of Oblomov at the Civic Centre may become tiresome after the first three of four chapters and members interest will be lost. A potential solution is to change location after each chapter while the story continues seamlessly. This technique will be familiar to many members who may have seen the 'brilliant' sketch in the popular BBC comedy series The Fast Show.