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There is much scope for the expansion of this policy into community bonding initiatives similar to the pond swapping scheme. Community Improvised Construction for example would see a plot of land in the heart of a community set aside for a process of gradual construction undertaken by members of that community. The structure is complete when the site boundaries are reached and health and safety are satisfied. This type of scheme should then be developed into a radical new Open Council approach to public art throughout the region. To view the policy in progress click these links. Improvised Construction Imporvised Construction 1

Improvised Construction - in development -

This policy highlights the raft of construction work that is constantly underway in our city. The policy will attempt to find a place in the minds of the members by re-imagining the construction process as one that is largely improvised. Construction companies work to a strict set of guidelines about the amount of space available for a given build and are provided with information on the core function that the building must serve and receive a budget to purchase suitable materials. The exact details and look of the structure is subject to the improvised construction process in which staff are seen very much as individual free spirits and are selected as much for their creativity and flamboyance as their strength and skill.


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