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Click this link to read an example of an experimental strategy. Communication and Marketing

Step 1: Search for a suitably baffling text to base your strategy on. (Recommended sources for texts are City Council websites, business reports and artists statements.)

Step 2: Read through the text carefully ensuring that you don't understand what it's trying to say.

Step 3: Replace all references to the subject of the text with references to the Open Council, its policies and possible future plans. (As a member you are free to create imaginary futures for the Open Council.)

Step 4: Go through the text again adding your own personal touches and ensure that the text is readable but the meaning of the text is elusive.

Step 5: Send your experimental strategy to the Open Council for display in the archive.

Experimental Strategies - under consideration -

The purpose of this policy is not to articulate the strategy of the Open Council but rather to provide a space for 'experimental strategies' that can be voiced through the Open Council. These 'experimental strategies' should be a fun and stimulating activity about 'jargon busting' and playing creatively with the language of business and power.

The scheme should attempt to open a channel of participation to encourage members to submit their own experimental strategies using the Open Council voice and should include a clear step by step guide on how to do this. For example: