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The Baltic have continued to work with Yoko Ono on a series of projects in the city as part of the marketing for the Yoko Ono exhibition. An Open Council member managed to capture the "Ride a coffin car all over the city" project as it passed by Eldon Foods on Newgate Street and police believe that the 'I LOVE YOU'/carpets stunt could be another secret art project put on by the Baltic.

Members are uninterested as the Baltic coffin car passes them by.
Questions: The stunt has provoked a storm of curiosity.
Yoko Ono suspected of vandalism.

Yoko Ono and the Baltic have been accused of being behind the 'I LOVE YOU' stunt in the Ouseburn Culture Maze in January.

Members awoke to find that the word 'carpets' that was written on the roof of the much loved carpet warehouse building had been adapted to read 'I LOVE YOU'.

A police spokesman revealed that tiny red footprints where found on the roof which trailed all the way back to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and that an 'ono chord' torch was recovered from the scene but as of yet neither the Baltic or Yoko Ono have been officially named as suspects.

In December Yoko Ono held a joining in event at the Baltic which involved sending the now infamous 'I LOVE YOU' message by flashlight (ono chord) to the Castle Keep.