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It is not just the yellow lines that have crumbled, the diamonds and chairs have suffered too.
Evidence: The underlying surface seems to effect matters.
Brrr: Frost covered the yellow lines for many weeks.
Yellow line fragments were scraped off with the snow, above left, and one of the new 'paint hubs' in the city centre.

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Burnoffwithyou: The burn off gets underway in earnest.

The paint hubs can hold over 100 litres of paint and provide easy access to yellow line paint for council staff who are in line to receive big bonuses for every ten miles of road covered.

The public can also get involved by repainting lines that appear faint or ambiguous but due to regulations no bonus payments are available for volunteers.


Open Council assistants are currently producing a find, collect, re-arrange project with the yellow line fragments that will be available for viewing shortly.
To park or not to park: The crumbled yellow lines leave motorists with a decision to make.
In a desperate move council officials have ordered a burn off to remove any remaining yellow line fragments in a bid to reduce legal ambiguity. The repainting of the yellow lines has also been stepped up with new 'paint hubs' emerging at various locations around the city.

A Newcastle lawyer told the Open Council:

"I am currently representing several clients who are disputing their fixed penalty notice charges on grounds of ambiguity and I think they have a good chance of beating the rap....yellow lines have become a grey area."

But after the winter frost the gambliskate appears in retrospect to be wreckless. As well as causing a mosaic mess all around the city there is also mounting legal confusion which could see a significant decrease in parking fine revenue despite the determined efforts of the civil enforcement officers.
"some say it's a gambliskate but we think that spending money now on replacing all the yellow lines in the city will lead to more revenue in the long term as the civil enforcement officers get stuck in."

Last year the Open Council reported that Newcastle City Council promised to replace all the yellow lines in city (details here) as part of their new role as parking enforcers. At the time the policy was controversial and seen as a significant gambliskate but was eventually put into action after a hearing. In November an NCC insider said:

All over the city the yellow lines have crumbled into small pieces causing a mess and leaving Newcastle City Council's controversial yellow line replacement policy in tatters.

This winter was the coldest in Newcastle for 100 years and caused a variety of havoc with public transport evaporating, schools refusing and gritting shortened, but the real legacy of the frost blanket is the damage done to the yellow lines in the city.

Harsh Winter Wrecks Yellow Lines