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Systemic: The yellow lines are blacked out and then smashed into pieces to make way for the new lines.

To see the Open Council 'Yellow Lines Campaign' flyer click here.

Click to see the yellow lines archive here.


In the light of concerns from Open Council members that civil enforcement officers are being given carte blanche, we have launched a campaign designed to keep an eye on them.
A Newcastle City Council insider said:
"Why spend millions on all this disruption just to make a bit more money at some unknown time in the future, and what if it all goes wrong?"

Newcastle City Council's yellow lines poster campaign coupled with the yellow lines replacement project and the re-branding of traffic wardens as civil enforcement officers will help bring in lots of money for the council but some members don't understand.

"some say it's a gamble but we think that spending money now on replacing all the yellow lines in the city will lead to more revenue in the long term as the civil enforcement officers get stuck in."

Newcastle City Council are counting on their new role as parking enforcers to bring in some much needed revenue in these difficult times. Installing bright, new yellow lines will raise the public awareness about the new parking fines and leave no excuse to those caught out.

It is thought that the replacing of yellow lines is also a strategic move to increase the total amount of 'no parking' areas in the City by stealth.

Digging in: Work on the yellow lines replacement project gets underway in the cultural quarter.

Work is underway to replace all the yellow lines in the city. This work is being undertaken as part of Newcastle City Council's new role as parking enforcers.

New Yellow Lines for City