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Open Council founder and Primary Instituter, John Maclean, was unavailable for comment last night but the Open Council board have acknowledged the gaff and have promised a thorough investigation into how this could have happened. In a statement they said: "I'd like to reassure Mr. Bowen that the Open Council has no official opinions but we do however employ stringent checks on content perception and are absolutely horrified that an implication of the kind described by Mr. Bowen has been allowed to formulate."

Asked whether this was a resigning issue for the primary instituter a spokesman said: "The Primary Instituter has the full backing of the entire Open Council Board."

"I think it is disgraceful that you should make an opinion about the waitrose scheme at newcastle saying that Tyne Sound News is rightly in third position. This implies that you consider the welfare of pets a higher priority than that of the blind people of Tyneside. I would like to know if this is an official opinion of the open council."
See the original page here.

The Open Council has found itself in hot water over accusations of charity bashing relating to the reporting of the Waitrose Giving Initiative. The controversy is centered upon a report last February on the contest between the PDSA Cowgate, The Princes Trust and Tyne Sound News. The accusation was made by visually impaired David Bowen in a furious email sent to the Open Council:

Open Council Branded a Disgrace