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There are a number of candidates in the frame to take over the role of Primary Instituter but the Open Council board remain tight lipped. In a statement released this said:

"It's too soon to speculate about couldwho's and maybe's. Today is a day to should focus on the outgoing Primary Instituter and reflect on all that has happened. It's an unfortunate situation that we all regret but it became clear that Mr. Maclean's position was untenable in the light of the accusations made by visually impaired David Bowen."

The only comment from the outgoing Primary Instituter has been an expression of regret that no confirmed Orange Charmings have been achieved during his time at the helm:

"I feel like we created enough chances and we came close on a number of occasions but it just never happened. I'd like to take the opportunity to say that I feel no bitterness towards the board or visually impaired David Bowen and I wish the next Primary Instituter all the luck in the world."

The email that sparked the scandal. Click to enlarge.
John Maclean pictured in 2007.

The Open Council are reeling following the shock resignation of Open Council founder and Primary Instituter John Maclean. It is thought that the founder has caved in under increasing pressure from a mustgo issued by a section of the Open Council board in the wake of the Waitrose Giving Initiative scandal.

Mr. Maclean founded the Open Council in 2007 and has held the position of Primary Instituter ever since, overseeing the Open Council through four years of frantic growth. It is assumed that he will retire from active instituting but will move upstairs and continue to influence the Open Council in a director of policy capacity.

Open Council Founder Succumbs to Mustgo