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The Open Council can also report that Newcastle City Council staff have been spotted disposing of members tree's leading to accusations that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Get in: Neighbourhood Response teams have their work cut out.
The Open Council contacted Newcastle City Council's neighbourhood response manager David Hepworth but he declined to comment.
Good luck: Used christmas tree's line the streets in Heaton on the 11th day.

Amazingly some individuals who adhered to the 12 day rule have been hit by fixed penalty notices for littering and face a £50 fine and possible conviction. Graham Woods from Heaton said:

"I put the tree out on the 11th day to avoid bad luck and I get hit with a fifty quid fine for littering. It's sheer madness."

On the 16th of January there was no sign of the tree coming down.
Council Curses Newcastle

Members were left facing a year of bad luck after Newcastle City Council officials failed to take down the controversial 'Norwegian Tree' before the crucial 12 day deadline. Traditionally, the Twelfth Day is the last day for decorations to be taken down and is seen by experts to be 'dire bad luck' to take decorations down after this date.

Open Council Members across the city have been careful to make sure they didn't fall foul of the 12 day rule with christmas trees appearing in back lanes all over the city as the deadline loomed.