The Civic Tree looks the worse for wear while a perfect Christmas tree is just yards away and could be used every year.
The Baltic Tree is in fine fettle and is proving popular with gallery goers.
How it should be: This tree on Spencer Street puts the Civic Christmas Tree to shame.

An Open Council member from Heaton has highlighted the case of the tremendous specimen of a Christmas tree in a front garden in Spencer Street. The tree which is much taller than the houses and in perfect condition will have to be removed at some point in the future and there have been calls for it to be used as the official tree of Newcastle when its time comes. There has been feverish speculation about the future of the tree due to the frequent visits from Newcastle City Council officials but as of yet no decision has been made.

The Open Council tried to contact Newcastle City Council about the Spencer Street tree and the controversy surrounding the Norwegian tree but no one was available.

"It's bit tatty and stunted at the top."
There was also criticism from some quarters that, while it is a wonderful gesture, in today's climate a tree should not be brought in from another country when there are plenty of more suitable trees in Newcastle and even one suitable tree in the same park.
Open Council members were disappointed when this years christmas tree appeared in the park outside the civic centre. Members felt that the tree, which had been transported all the way from a forest in Norway, was not the right shape, and too tatty to represent our city.
Disappointment at City Xmas tree.

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