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The Open Council fully support the campaign underway to raise awareness among the police about the dangers of horse fouling.
Childrens pictures: Newcastle City Council go to extraordinary lengths to communicate their ideas to the public.
Newcastle City Council have gone to extraordinary lengths to warn of the dangers of dog fouling and are furious that the police have made a mockery of the whole issue. A council insider said: "We spend thousands of pounds warning the public of the penalty for dog fouling, we get children to draw pictures of fouling dogs, we put the kids pictures up on countless lampposts and after all that police on horseback leave great masses of muck all over the place. We might as well all pack up and go home!"
Amazing: Muck left behind by the police in Iris Brickfield Park just yards away from Neighborhood Services HQ.
Members are frustrated that they face a fine of £1000 and risk a criminal record for dog fouling yet police seem to be able to get away with horse fouling on a grand scale. An analysis of the horse waste found covering the path in Iris Brickfield Park revealed that it was over 30 times more serious than the average dog fouling offence
Under fire: Mounted police patrolling in Heaton.

Police Muck Horse

Police have come under suspicion of horse fouling after horse waste was found in various locations around the streets of Heaton and Byker. The worst case of horse fouling was discovered just yards away from Newcastle City Council's Neighborhood Services HQ on Rothbury Terrace.

Police are being pressured by members to clean up after their horses. Diane Jones of Simonside Terrace said "They should have to clean up just like I have to pick up after my dog."