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Newcastle City Council are extremely tough on dog fouling and dog foulers and enforce fines of up £1000 for offenders as well as highlighting the risk of blindness to children.

Newcastle City Council say "If someone in control of a dog fails to clear up the mess immediately after the dog has defecated, that person commits an offence. It does not matter if it is in long grass, in the gutter or on the footpath, it all has to be cleared up." Open Council members are understandably confused when they see police leaving piles of horse waste all over the streets. To hear Newcastle City Council position on dog fouling click play.

Warning: Newcastle City Council's campaign against dog fouling. Click for details here.
Amazing: The offenders ride off into the sunset leaving Open Council members to clean up the mess.
Irate: A passer by highlights the horse fouling with a left arm gesture but there is nothing he can do.
The two offenders at the scene on the corner of Simonside Terrace and Chillingham Road.

Police Caught Horse Fouling

Police on horseback were caught red handed when an Open Council member took these shocking pictures of two police officers at the scene of some of the worst horse fouling yet seen in Heaton.