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So far three practice rooms have been opened and work is underway to find locations for a further 17 pianos. It is also hoped that the public piano scheme can be folded into Newcastle City Council's popular public toilet initiative, a move which would see responsibility for day to day upkeep of the piano rooms, including opening/closing and also security being passed onto the already existing toilet staff.

The open council are currently putting out a call to members with any knowledge of piano tuning to volunteer.

Under the scheme redundant pianos will be installed at various locations throughout the district. Taking inspiration from the success of the Public Archery scheme the Open Council have worked to gain access to unused storage facilities which can be transformed into practice rooms.

Finito: The Piano Practice Rooms on Westgate Road.

After the abolition of numerous local quangos including the One North East Regional Development Agency the Open Council can reveal that it is now the turn of local cultural organisations to be destroyed.

First up against the wall was the much loved Piano Practice Rooms on Westgate Road which has been forced to close its doors after failing to recover from a savage 100% funding wound inflicted by the Conservative Party.

The closure of the PPR has provoked feelings of great vengeance and furious anger amongst the hundreds of west end pianists young and old who now have nowhere to play. The Open Council however have already begun rolling out a rescue scheme.

Open Council Rescue Piano Rooms