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"Supporting the Coalition of Resistance"

Councillor Meagre has taken the option of voluntary redundancy that was recently made available to staff at One North East and has since dedicated more time to his Open Council residency where he is working on a range of measures to protest against the Government's planned cuts to public services.

Proposals currently under consideration include 'EASYMASK' which is a project designed to provide easy and fun mask ideas for all members who will be protesting the Governments cuts to public spending throughout 2011. In addition to this a second proposal tabled by Councillor Meagre will see an Anti-Cuts Haiku project in which members will be encouraged to put their opposition to the governments spending cuts down in black and white in the Japanese style which famously seeks to capture the mood of the present.

More details to follow soon.

The Coalition Government has taken the decision to close all the English regional development agencies in March 2012.

One North East is now managing its business through to closure, working closely with Government and our partners to ensure the professional wind down of the Agency.

This is a complex process given the depth and breadth of our work over the past 11 years in leading economic development in the North East.

We are drawing up detailed closure plans and will keep all stakeholders regularly updated with developments in this process.

Some of the economic development activity we are responsible for will continue, transferring to be managed by Government while other areas of activity will cease.

In a sombre address, One North East Chief Executive, Alan Clarke, told a sold out audience at The Sage that:

Popular Open Council resident, Councillor Meagre, who has worked for the One North East Quango for many years, revealed in a exclusive statement that the dreaded axe was expected to fall as soon as it became clear that Dr. Pickles was put in a position of power.

"Things got a bit tense in the office when the election results came through, but when Pickles was given the position of Communities and Local Government Secretary we could hear the axe being sharpened. We all know what Pickles is like...he eats quangos for breakfast!"

Claw back: Dr. Pickles enjoys folk hero status amongst the Tory Party faithful for his insatiable appetite for destroying non-governmental organisations.

The Open Council narrowly avoided being thrown into the 'bonfire of the quangos' but unfortunately Open Council resident Councillor Meagre was not so lucky. Meagre fell victim to the government's cuts to public spending when it was announced that the dearly loved regional development agency, One North East, where Councillor Meagre works, was to be abolished.

On being summoned up by the Open Council the Communities and Local Government Secretary, Dr. Eric Pickles said, in a passionate statement: "I f***ing hate quangos! Thats why I have spearheaded the drive to axe 192 of them, including One North East!!"

Open Council Resident in Quango Axing