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Local artist turns the tables on Cultural Olympiad committee.

In a suprise move a Newcastle artist has turned the tables on the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad committee members who are behind the '£500,000 Sport and Culture Idea Contest'.The prominent local artist who is part of the Workplace stable has put forward an ingenious proposal for a public artwork that would allow the public to propose public artworks.

He says "The project aims to create a series of monuments, either on one specific site or across a number of sites within the region. Monuments that will be designed and built by the community. Anyone can apply."

And "The Olympiad, from which this project takes its lead has, at its core, the ideal of human achievement and a joining of nations in sport. Competition is present, but so is the idea of fair play and the enjoyment of taking part. It is this which the project wishes to focus upon."

The Open Council enthusiastically supports this project and applauds the trickery of the artist who was able to convince the money men. The Open Council will be participating by submitting the entries that were sent to the "Let's Merge Sport and Culture" and "£500,000 Sport and Culture Idea Contest" projects.

To submitt your ideas visit www.buildyourownmonument.org