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The Open Council can see what is happening, that's why we have given our full backing to the Coalition of Resistance. Listen to the coalition's founding statement here. Visit the Open Council's EASYMASK page here.

As darkness fell the protest was brought to an unexpected conclusion when demonstrators suddenly left the scene at a pre-arranged signal and began shuffling towards Eldon Square where the protest was dissolved. However there have been unconfirmed reports that a far larger protest was later launched on Northumberland Street.


The Open Council summoned up the Education Secretary Michael Gove to put this question to him but he simply grinned and said "you cannot spend money you do not have".

Many say that it is this sort of aloof attitude that has led to a particularly furious public backlash but the Open Council can report that the protest at the Monument was on the whole a peaceful affair.

Full house: The press, the police, the activist and the interview.
A radio woman scans the scene for an interview.

A host of banners were unveiled on the Monument stage in front hoards of press and passing Open Council members. There was also an enormous amount of media attention from T.V and Radio and unfortunately some Police arrived at the scene to laugh at the banners but all in all there was nothing to separate the demonstrators from the people.

After class, the demonstration.
Message: Another idea banner is made available for public viewing.

Throughout the event the mood was one of steely determination as protesters settled in for the first of many demonstrations to be held this year.

One protester said:

"For me protesting is as natural as laughing... it's become just part of life and I think a lot of people here are the same. We're ready to show up all this year and all next year and every year until this madness is stopped. They'll not get away with it."

Open Council Says No to the EMA Take Away

The Open Council was out at the Monument to see the Year of Protest get off to a cracking start with a demonstration against the government's shocking £30 E.M.A take away scheme.

Under the proposals students are being bulleyed out of their bus fare home by the government who want it for other things. But have students that need that money to travel to school and college been left in the lurch?