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Free tomato's wait to be picked as the grocery waits for customers in the background.

There have also been concerns raised that the food may not be safe and in fact is in violation of hygiene laws but this has been dismissed as scaremongering.

The Open Council support the Edible Heaton project and will soon be announcing our own plans for a region wide urban gardening scheme.

There are four planters with free veg within a 50 meter radius of the local greengrocers leading some to say that the council are at war with business.

A liberal said: "Its nice to imaging that these planters will create cohesive communities but what good is that if it puts the greengrocers out of business?"

There have been some concerns from food businesses on Chillingham Road that the edible Heaton scheme may start to eat into their profits.
Education: These four youngsters stop to discuss the project.
Amazing: Here, three healthy beans are visible.
Progress: After just a few weeks these tomato's appeared.
It begins:Two herb and veg planters on Chillingham Road.
The success of Chillingham Road has led to an apple orchard being planted in Iris Brickfield Park. The orchard was the brainchild of student Emily Widdop, who lives in Hertford Court.

She said: "I thought it would be a really good way to bring the community together, for people to enjoy the outdoors and do something good for the environment.

The Scheme has proved popular with locals with the majority saying that they thought it is a good idea and when asked whether they had taken any of the veg to eat the overwhelming majority said of course! Its free!

South Heaton councillor Henri Murison said:

"We think that with all the community problems we face, growing and buying local food is a great way of bringing people together."

Newcastle City Council's long awaited Edible Heaton project has been underway for several months and the Open Council has been watching the progress.

Under the scheme vegetables and herbs are grown in the plant boxes on Chillingham Road instead of flowers. The idea is that members can help themselves to whatever they want as they are passing by.

Edible Heaton Project