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Members have not been surprised to see Stagecoach continue to pursue their radical marketing campaign at the expense of passenger (and driver) safety with new magic stickers now covering the drivers window as well. Drivers are said to be in talks with union bosses about possible strike action over the move.

Disturbing: The view from outside and the inside of a bus with the magic stickers.
This film was taken from the top of the No. 1 bus as it traveled along Heaton Road. As the camera pans to the right the extent of the loss of clarity is revealed.
Lost the plot: The messages on these billboards cannot be deciphered from behind the magic stickers.

There have also been damning complaints from the business community about Stagecoach's controversial magic sticker policy.

Business leaders are furious because the stickers prevent people from seeing the advertising messages on billboards throughout the region.

Dean Sugar of the Newcastle partnership said: "Believe it or not the posters on bus stops and billboards around Newcastle generate in excess of twenty million pounds every year. The companies who pay for that space are relying on their messages reaching the minds of the public via their eyes and unfortunately Stagecoach's magic stickers have thrown a spanner in the works of this simple process. Something needs to be done or we'll end up with a city full of blank white billboards!"

"I don't see Jack very often and I promised him I'd take him on a bus trip because he's mad about busses and he loves to sit on the top deck at the front so he can pretend he's the driver but when we got up the stairs we could hardly see out because of these daft stickers."
Darren Watson of Wallsend tells us of the disappointment suffered by his four year old son Jack.

The view from behind the stickers makes some members feel dizzy and others with impaired vision find it difficult to know when it's their stop. Many Open Council members complain that stagecoach are depriving them of their right to look and that they feel like they are being transported like animals in a truck.

But images gathered by Open Council assistants clearly show that the magic stickers don't work and in fact prevent people from looking out onto the street. Our investigation backs up the complaints from members who accuse stagecoach of not caring about its customers.
Magic? One of stagecoach's magic stickers of a west end girl.
The Stagecoach bus company are the ones who thought of the idea of having 'magic stickers' of giant women that appear solid from the outside but are invisible from the inside.
Most Stagecoach busses have stickers on the back half of the upper deck.
Bus Stickers Stop Members Looking

The Open Council have received numerous complaints from members regarding the new stickers that cover the windows of buses and prevent members from looking out.