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The Open Council fully support the Pitt Street Residents Demolition Campaign and are delighted to publish this step by step documentation of the eclipse taken by Frank Anderson over a two period. (Scroll to the right to see the entire sequence.)

Furious Frank Anderson, who is spearheading the demolition campaign told the Open Council: "We're simply not having this! We were originally told that there would be a memorial garden on the site but when a convoy of construction vehicles rolled in we new we'd been stitched up. My flat is at the top on the right (the closest to the building) and over the past two years it's feeled like someone's been dimming the lights! On top of that when I open the curtains of a morning I see a gang of laborer's starring back at me...what'll it be like when the students move in?"

The Open Council are backing a campaign set up by a group of Pitt Street residents to demand the immediate demolition of Newcastle University's new business school building.

Over the past two years the business school has gradually eclipsed a community of families who now live in the shadow of the enormous structure.

Until the eclipse residents on the east side of the block enjoyed a view that looked out towards Gallowgate and the famous Stowell Street Arch designed by Mr Yonglai Zhang.

Now however they live in darkness, the only view being a close up of the business school which is a mere six meters away.

Community of Families Eclipsed by Business School