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Telling: Prime Minister David Cameron tells us about the Big Society.
If the increase in the Open Council's participation figures is any indication then David Cameron's Big Society scheme has undoubtedly inspired people into action, however, the Open Council are operating on a skeleton staff at present and cannot guarantee that all the policy suggestions that we have received will be actioned.

See the video above for information on the Big Society scheme.

Click this link to visit the Big Society website.

Recent suggestions have included:

Phone Box Prisons - This scheme would see disused phone box's being transformed into holding cells for minor public order offences.

City Wide Farmers Markets - Radically increasing the size and scope of the farmers market to cover all pedestrianised zones in the city and to permit the sale and slaughter of livestock in the city centre.

Armed Community Policemen - A scheme to arm community policemen with a range of water weapons to help combat anti social behaviour, dangerous dogs and littering offenders.

On the back of a recent speech by the Prime Minister David Cameron in which he encouraged the general public to participate in the Big Society scheme, the Open Council's 'make policy' inbox has been red hot with new proposals.

In the past month the Open Council have received an unprecedented number of new policy submissions.

The spike in the participation figures initially left Open Council analysts scratching their heads but the upsurge is now thought to be a result of the unveiling of the governments new 'Big Society' scheme.


Open Council - Big Society