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Conflict: Fiona's picture clearly shows that 200 words were promised at the top of the page but the truth is that this figure has been slashed to a meagre 200 characters and only 36 words leaving a deficit of 78%.

This gaff is likely to heap more misery on the people behind the Big Society as it comes hot on the heels of Liverpool City Council's wholesale rejection of the scheme, but the Open Council wants to help. We urge members to contact the Big Society in London at bigsociety@thebigsociety.co.uk so that this error can be put right as soon as possible.

The Open Council has received information that may help explain why the Big Society has failed to capture the public imagination. A letter sent by Fiona Braithwaite of Heaton, sparked an Open Council investigation which revealed a major malfunction in the Big Society which is preventing would be advocates of the scheme from recommending their favorite community organisations.
Child Exposes Big Society Gaff

Dear Open Council,

My name is Fiona Braithwaite, I am ten years old and I live in Heaton in Newcastle Upon Tyne . I am writing to the Open Council because I tried to reccomend you to the Big Society but they wouldn't let me say what I wanted. Could you ask them to fix it so that I can write my letter?

Thank you,

Fiona Braithwaite.


I sent you a picture to show you what happened.