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Council Gag Anger

The Local Government Association (LGA) has angerered staff at Newcastle City Council by announcing a list of 200 words that they are now not allowed to say. In a statement the LGA said why:

“During the recession, it is vital that we explain to people in plain English how to get access to the eight hundred different services that local government provides with taxpayers’ money."

But a Newcastle City Council insider said :

"If I want to say 'best practice' or 'collaboration' or 'cautiously welcome' then what business is it of the LGA's? How do they propose to enforce this ban and what is the punishment?"

The LGA is considering handing out fixed penalty notices for council staff who ignore the ban and are asking members of the public to report any council worker that does utter one of the words or phrases that are not allowed anymore.

The Open Council are happy to publish the full list of 200 words which the Local Government Association says should not be used by councils and urge all members to learn it by heart.

See the full list in the Banned Jargon video below.