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Iain Duncan Smith with members of the Eastside Young Leaders Academy in newham, East London. Photograph: Phil Fisk
The Centre for Social Justice Inner City Challenge
Click to see the faces involved the Centre for Social Justice the inner city challenge here.

Working with the homeless, addicts, in broken communities and the vulnerable, MPs are serving 4-day placements, Monday 9am- Thursday 5pm, in some of the most innovative, poverty-fighting projects in Britain.

As well as providing a safe and meaningful way to interact with the real life people that make up terrifying national statistics, the Inner City Challenge is also an eye-opener on the diverse, creative and energetic voluntary and charity sector that is making huge, but often silent, impact across the UK.

The rules for MPs are:

The rules for projects are:

MP's will keep in touch with their project for the year and invite a member of their staff for a one-week internship at Parliament.


The Centre for Social Justice invites MPs of all political parties to take part in 4-day voluntary placements arranged by the Centre for Social Justice.

The Centre for Social Justice!

The Centre for Social Justice think tank offers Conservative solutions to the problems of deprivation. It is an independent think tank established, by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004. IDS and his army of staff are looking for effective solutions to the poverty and violence that blight parts of Britain.

The Open Council will feature a gallery of images of IDS on his travels and also chart the progress of the Centre for Social Justice in their quest to fix 'Broken Brittain'.


Camerooned: taking the new Tory welfare proposals to south London. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA.
Rt Hon IDS MP at Tabernacle School.
IDS (centre) shows his compasissionate side at Moorlkands Community Development Project, Brixton.