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Visit the Copenhagen Free University website.
The menu page on the University website is the gateway to a wealth of new knowledge.
You can find information about all the goings on at the Copenhagen Free University from the menu page of the University website. You will find research projects, links to a web of 'sister universities, a list of publications from the university bookshop and details about how you can have your say.
But how do you make a university out of a flat? Henriette and Jakob said "We took power by using the available means: a mattress became a residency, the bedroom a cinema, the living room a meeting space, the workroom an archive, our flat became a university."
Available means: The Copenhagen Free University shows that you can make your own institution.
The University was opened by Henriette Heise & Jakob Jakobsen in 2001 in their flat in Copenhagen and was functioning until it closed in 2007. During that time stories of the Copenhagen Free University spread around the world and whispers about an idea called 'self institution' could be seen and heard as other people were inspired to open their own institutions.
The Open Council are proud to make a link to the Copenhagen Free University and to introduce our members to this exciting cultural phenomenon from Denmark.
Copenhagen Free University