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The Open Council "Let's Merge Sport and Politics" scheme is calling for Dalston members* to send in their interpretations of the relations between sport and politics. Unlike the "lets merge sport and culture" project in which culture is drawn into sport as part of branding the olympics it seems that the powers that be prefer to keep sport and politics clearly seperated. The Open Council however passionatley believes that is a good idea to think them together as part of a broader Political Olympiad.

Send in your interpretations of the relations between sport and politics to letsmergesportandpolitics@opencouncil.co.uk

Open Council assistants will display all entries on the streets of Dalston using the secret barcode method. Members are also welcome to publicise the project in your area. Print the flyer here and send any documentation to distributionaction@opencouncil.co.uk for display in the distribution archive.

*Newcastle members are also invited to participate.

"Let's Merge Sport and Politics"