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A giant magpie with a roman helmet watching over Newcastle sitting on top of The Tyne bridge.

Janice Stevens from Jarrow has applied for the London 2012 arts & culture grant with with this giantstronomous 'sculpture' which would encompass a cafe inside the belly of the bird and a viewpoint in its head with possibilities for an eventual extension with a waterslide through its beak when there is a pool along the river somewhere to splash down into.

The Open Council are happy to promote an exciting *call for work* project set up by the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad team.

The £5.4 million project will see 12 new works of art commissioned, each worth up to a staggering £500,000 each.

Successful participants will see their works displayed in iconic and unexpected locations throughout the UK such as a hillside, beach or public space.

The Open Council are encouraging its members to submit ideas for the London 2012 project.

All proposals that are submitted to the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad team will also appear below as part of our "Lets merge sport and culture" project.

For full details on the project and how to apply click here.

£500,000 Sport and Culture Idea Contest