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Improvised Construction leaflet.
This build on Newgate Street is sticking to the plans so far but there’s still time for it all to change.
This result was completely unexpected.
Local resident George Sturridge said, “It wasn’t looking very good but then towards the end it all seemed to suddenly change.”
Residents watched every stage of the process.
The Northumbria University development was the first construction project in Newcastle to work with improvised plans. Residents near the improvised build site for Northumbria University were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected result of the build.
A researcher from the Swedish team talks about the benefits of improvised construction.
By giving individual workers the freedom to improvise on certain aspects of the build the Swedish team found that deadlines were met quicker with noticeably fewer hick ups in the process as a whole.
The flagship improvised construction site in Sweden.
A research team from a similar scheme in Sweden found that buildings made using this process turn out better than the traditional method of working strictly to the plans.
For a while it looked like the Haymarket metro building would have a wooden roof.
These workers have set up a complex platform using the red scaffolding at the Eldon Square site.
A worker on the eldon project embellishes a steal beam while two other workers look for answers in the foundations of the Newcastle University administration building.
Construction companies are provided with information on the core function that the building must serve and receive a budget to purchase suitable materials.
Improvised construction workers are seen very much as individual free spirits and are selected as much for their creativity and flamboyance as their strength and skill.
Innovation: Improvised construction work in Ouseburn.
As long as core safety requirements are met workers are encouraged to experiment and try things out in order to achieve better buildings for our city.
Improvised construction is where the workers on site are given free reign to improvise creatively on certain aspects of the project.
As part of our city centre action plan the Open Council are raising awareness about the exiting new practice of ‘improvised construction.’
The Open Council are currently piloting a radical new policy that would transform the way we view construction in Newcastle.