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Read the Distribution Action Report Forms from Fresher's Week Day 2. Report a Report b

View the distribution archive here.

"Out of the frying pan, into the fire."

The council man's efforts ensured that people who received flyers had only a tiny window of opportunity to take in the information before being encouraged to "recycle" them in the large wheelie bin. It is not clear whether the council man handed the leaflets back to the leafleters for re-use or if he transferred them to a regular bin later in the day.

The Open Council Distribution Action at Newcastle University was a great success and over the past two days of extensive awareness raising we are delighted to report that nobody has elected to opt out.

The council man and the students persist.
The flyering revellers made no reports of intimidation or abuse of power but there was a general feeling that energy was being sapped and tiredness setting in every time the council man announced "if you don't want'em recycle'em" to the passing public.
City Council officials keep a close eye on the students.
Not only were there half a dozen people handing out flyers at the same spot but there were also two representatives of Newcastle City Council stationed just a few meters away, one manning a large dustbin and the other keeping an eye on proceedings.
A volunteer handing out membership awareness flyers on Percy Street.
Discussion: This new student is captivated as our volunteer tells her about the legend of Orange Charming.
Fortunately we had a great few hours of public display before being asked to leave in which time dozens of people were made aware of their Open Council membership. As usual our volunteers worked hard to distribute as much info as possible but the flyering on Percy Street proved particularly challenging today.
Disappointment: Morale is low as our volunteers are sent packing by the powers that be in the students union.

Distribution Action -

Newcastle Students Union - Fresher's Week Day 2

The second day of the Open Council Public Display at fresher's week was brought to an abrupt halt when our volunteers were unceremoniously asked to leave by officials of Newcastle Students Union. The Open Council are awaiting the official report from our volunteers before deciding upon a course of action but we are very disappointed to be treated in this way considering our extremely close ties to Newcastle University.