Hidden: Can you spot the Pond Swapping poster.
Nice: Open Council policy litrature blends right in with the town planning information.
Prime target: With our audio strategy due to be set in motion in the new year the music department was a priority target for distribution.
Choice location: These membership awareness forms are just outside a lecture theatre.
An Open Council assistant puts up a Manhole Dancing poster in the creative writing department.
Ice breaker: Something for stressed students to talk about in the entrance hall of the Percy building..
At least five students will become aware of their Open Council membership thanks to this superb action by our assistants.
Membership awareness is certain to increase in the student population as a direct result of this action.
Membership awareness forms lay in wait in the geography department.
Yonder: A perfect spot to promote the views of the civic centre project.
A call for work paper waits for attention in the sociology department.
Write on: Creative writing students will be laying their eyes on Open Council policy very soon.
In common: Pond Swapping will give the students something to think about in the Sociology common room.
In the mix: The Open Council shares the stage with Newcastle City Council.

Below is the documentation of the first University distribution action. It was a great day and if other learning institutions in the area welcome the Open Council like Newcastle University then our policies are sure to influence public opinion and help us win the hearts and minds.

View the distribution archive here.

Newcastle University - Distribution Action

Open Council Policies

Orange Charming

Urban Gardening

Improvised Construction

Art Stories

Public Bonsai


Public Archery

Corner Busking

Manhole Dancing

Pond Swapping

Public Glockenspiel

Reflexology Paving

Open Buildings

School Projects

Bin Spreading

The Sea


Policies Pending/


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