Internal: The people at Belly Busters put us on the notice board.

The owner of The Flower Pot was only too kind.
Prime position: The Pond Swapping poster at the Chilli Deli is unmissable.
Wiley: The man in Kashab newsagents was eventually won over by our volunteers.
Very Tasty: The people at Sketch's Deli couldn't have put it up any quicker.
Ikon cards saw nothing wrong in helping the Open Council.
Exclusive: The girls at Oxfam agreed to let the Open Council into their private staff room.
Full marks: The Spar were the only chain store to offer support.
The only estate agent that supports community schemes. Well Done R. Breen!
The representatives at Martha and Mary's community drop in centre did the right thing.
Jazz barber shop welcomes students and pensioners.
Spaced: Hemp Nation kindly provided space for an Orange Charming poster.
Hard bargain: 50 pence a week to display in the Western Union money transfer.
Below is an image list of local businesses who agreed to participate by displaying an Open Council Policy Poster in their window. You can also read our volunteers Distribution Action Report Forms. Report a Report b
Distribution Action - Poster Campaign - Cillingham Road Area - Heaton

Open Council Policies

Orange Charming

Urban Gardening

Improvised Construction

Art Stories

Public Bonsai


Public Archery

Corner Busking

Manhole Dancing

Pond Swapping

Public Glockenspiel

Reflexology Paving

Open Buildings

School Projects

Bin Spreading

The Sea


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