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Ready:? A lunch hour Derive group setting off from the monument.
For more information read Guy’s Theory of Dérive here.
Follow your own drift.
The Open Council support working people, thats why under the scheme company bosses will offer employee’s a weekly taxi allowance to use when a ‘dérive’ has taken them off the beaten track.

As part of our ‘dérive drive’ the Open Council are introducing a new scheme to allow workers to ‘dérive’ in their lunch breaks.

Thanks to a wild collaboration between local businesses and taxi firms, employee’s can now enjoy a lunch ‘dérive’ without fear of being late back for work.

In a group ‘dérive’ it is often hard to reach an agreement on which route to take but don't let that put you off, its all part of the process.
These drifting revellers aren’t sure.
This way. No, this way.
Where shall we go?
One of the great things about ‘dérive’ is how easy it is and it can be enjoyed alone or you can drift in groups.
The Open Council believes ‘dérive’ is a natural extension to our ‘following’ policy. Instead of following a person or a trail of thought, in ‘dérive’ you let the urban environment guide your movements.
This man looks to be heading towards the Quayside.
Situationist, Guy Debord, developed dérive from an idea he had.
Frenchman and situationist, Guy Debord, developed ‘dérive’ as a unique way of moving around a city that is quite different from the classic ideas of a journey or stroll.
The Open Council are embarking on a new drive to promote an innovative new way for members to move around the city. This alternative way of moving is called ‘dérive’ which is a French word that means drifting.
“Follow your own drift”