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Click to read an art story
The Open Council are currently collecting and archiving art stories to be displayed on the website, so if you have an art story to tell why not tell us. Send your art story to artstories@opencouncil.co.uk
The Open Council are working in parallel with The Baltic Flour Mill who grind out fresh art stories every day from 10:00 - 18:00.
Alternatively if you are too busy to visit an art event you can just ask friends and neighbours to tell you an art story that you could pass on when the time is right. Nobody owns the art stories they just float around in our thoughts so why not pass one on?
“There were actually cars in the river.” Xu Beihong
If you visit art exhibitions and events you will often hear judgemental thoughts in your mind. Simply collect these thoughts and combine them with your descriptive observations and hey presto you have the makings of an art story. Now you just need to tell someone
Where can I get Art Stories?
Erwin Worm’s ‘soft house’ outside The Baltic provoked many art stories, left and the Art Stories policy leaflet (Right)
The purpose of this scheme is to provide a space to present and spread great art stories and to give you, the people of Newcastle, the chance to air your own thoughts about art in black and white.
Art critics tell Professional art stories but the Open Council want to give the people of Newcastle the chance to tell the art stories that are on their minds.
What are Art Stories?