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“It reminded me of invasion of the Body Snatchers when I seen that lad running after the Rembrandt.”
As he walked away from the Van Gogh, still looking around a little self consciously, his face suddenly lit up and he darted across the road. I followed his direction and looked ahead, he had spotted a Rembrandt down the street and was off for a closer look . That was me an hour ago, I thought but by now I was cold and wet and the public paintings seemed ridiculous! Paintings? Outside in the rain? They must think we’re idiots.
Later on, after rushing around the shops for an hour trying to find a good present, I walked back past the Van Gogh Sunflowers I had seen earlier in the day and saw a young man looking closely at the picture. He kept looking all around him then back to the picture.
These revellers are more interested in the jumble sale than Velasquez’s portrait of Philip IV.
else was as exited as me about the outdoor paintings, people just moped around looking tired and bored. Fair enough I thought and I carried on around the streets finding a new painting around every corner. After encountering 8 or 9 of these surprise paintings my feeling of excitement was wearing off a little and as I looked at the paintings I was wondering who was behind this public painting stuff? And if it was for the public why did the public ignore it all? And why not use some local artists or children’s pictures?

Of course they weren’t the originals but they were good quality actual size framed photo’s. (They were also laminated which is a good job because it was lashing it down!)

First I saw a Van Gogh then a Rembrandt then a Velasquez and then loads more I didn’t know the names of but that didn’t matter, it was just fun to see them. Luckily I had my camera and started taking loads of pics but as I looked around I couldn’t help but notice that nobody

A while ago I was in York to visit my sister who was graduating from York University. It was a nice sunny day and afterwards we all went back to hers for a drink and something to eat. The next day, before heading back up to Toon with my parents, I headed into York to try and find a birthday present for my girlfriend and it was then that I started to notice something strange on the streets.......world famous, priceless paintings!