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She has been planting eadible veg such as tomato’s, sweetcorn, basil, and sugarsnap-peas around Newcastle in abandoned spots for commuters and others to help
Pirate Planting
The Open Council has been working alongside a Newcastle based Swedish Artist who for some time has been running a project which she calls ‘pirateplanting’.
Maybe pick a dead leaf
off when picking a tomato
or remove a snail when
seeing one but above all
the more gets picked the better the plants feel and the more we can expand this to evetually cover each street-corner and feed all the hungry of Newcastle.
How Can It Work
It does work, Provided that the plants are planted in locations where there is not too many cars and where the plants are a little bit
protected by the wind, then the rest is up to the people of Newcastle.
This Northumberland farmer shows us what we’re missing.
The Open Council will be importing farmers from around Northumberland to work with schools and churches across Newcastle. This will mean that there is enough food for everyone and that the farmers don’t get left out in the cold.
The Open Council will be going much further than Newcastle City Council who are already piloting a small scale public vegetable scheme Heaton.
Considerate Construction
This would provide a great deal of fresh veg for passers by, for the workers and for the Open Council harvest.
The Open Council are negotiating with the ‘Considerate Construction Scheme’ (CCS) to push construction companies working in Newcastle to allow veggies to be grown on the perimiter fence surrounding their sites.
Good sport: “Its a great scheme even if it will eat into my profits.”
We will also be transforming a number of low profit phone boxes into greenhouses for more delicate plants and herbs.
We are campaigning to grow vegetables throughout the city centre. We plan to use already existing spaces that are in fact perfect for planting. Fences, crash barriers and multi-storey car parks will be covered in vegetable plants.
Public Produce
We are proposing to transform 10% of the
existing floral display beds into public
vegetable plots where tomatoes,
runner beans, cucmber, lettuce and many
other veggies can be grown.
The Open Council are planning radical new measures to bring vegetable farming to the City Centre. Our Public Vegetable scheme is designed to help the people of Newcastle adapt to the governments ‘5 a day’ recomendation.