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Strange sighting over south shields. Click image to enlarge.
All UFO Police appeals will appear on the Open Council website.
A UFO Police appeal for witnesses for an incident in Hexam in 1980. Click to view PDF here.

The North East has been a hot-bed for unexplained aerial activity for generations and the UFO Police are keen to collect information from the public relating to past sightings as well as present day anomalous occurrences.

If you see anything unusual in the sky call the UFO Police dedicated hotline on 07758249235

The UFO Police are an intelligence collecting authority that monitor the skies and work to safeguard and protect members of the public from potential alien threats. As an organisation the UFO Police rely heavily on information from the general public and work hard to provide support to victims who have undergone life changing experiences.
About the UFO Police
As if from nowhere, the UFO Police have released their first public appeal for information for 28 years and the Open Council are more than happy to help. Members are being urged to contact the UFO Police if they see anything unusual or disturbing in our sky. Visit www.ufopolice.co.uk
The Open Council support total sky policing.
UFO Police