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Sea policy leaflets
Nearly there: If you are not sure where the sea is just ask the people or staff.
"Sea the world."
A ‘boat-board’ advert in Shanghai: The Open Council says NO!


The sea is one of the few places where we can see an unchanged view of the world and tests have shown that gazing at the sea reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

However, the corporate practice of ‘boat-board’ advertising is becoming increasingly widespread globally and poses a potential threat to our ocean of calm here in the North East. The Open Council are mounting a campaign to ensure that our sea remains advertising free.

A mass of revellers about to participate in the sea.


The Open Council are embarking on a new drive to encourage the people of Newcastle to explore the sea. Every first time visitor to the sea can register for a £5 Eldon Square voucher and an Open Council fridge magnet.

Stunned: A young family enjoying the sea in Tynemouth.

Where is The Sea?

Broadly speaking the sea is where the land comes to an end and the closest sea to Newcastle can be found in North Shields with others in Tynemouth and Whitley Bay.

The best way to discover the sea is to follow the river Tyne from the Quayside to North Shields where the sea is. Alternatively it is easy to reach the sea using a train or bus.

Fact: “The sea is bigger than this mountain.”
The sea is surprisingly deep! At the deepest point it plunges to a depth of nearly 7 miles. If you put the biggest mountain on earth in the deepest part of the sea there would still be over a mile of water over the top of it.

What is The Sea?

The sea is the salt water that covers most of the earth and where the majority of fish live. The sea constantly moves, changes shape and makes a variety of sounds depending on the weather.

........"have you seen it?"