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If you can’t join them, ignore them and eventually they’ll realise that you’re cooler anyway.  By pooling our resources, we can make sure that vital creative, clever, criticism continues in perpetuity.  Community Kitchens saturdaysoup.wordpress.com, Rotating Savings and Credit Associations, Co-operative Labour:  this is how people out of the loop have been coping for eons.  In this vein, the CCCCP will be having concerts, carnivals, cake-sales, and chorals in order to fund a bunch of pretty imPressive projects.  These include:

‘They just won’t bloomin’ listen’: On the frustrations of research for policy impact.

Petite and potent: Reflections on scale, effectiveness and ambition.


The Open Council’s Feminist Geographer in Residence is delighted to be part of the CCCCP – Cooperative Cash for Clever/Creative People: a new and exciting funding body that has seized the opportunity to fill the gap in the market left by the changes to research funding: sociologyandthecuts.wordpress.com

With all the emphasis on impact and policy, we are in danger of being left without any money for creativity, criticism, complexity, cleverness or pensiveness; a capital conundrum calling for clever collaboration in the face of perplexity.  Luckily cultural, creative co-operative colleagues that have been dealing with precariousness for years have the answer: let’s just get together and use our own money.

Cooperative Cash for Clever/Creative People