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Policy leaflet
"thinking of you"
The Open Council encourages improvisation as part of everyday life.
Our research has shown overwhelming support for the Public Glockenspiel scheme with 65% of people asked saying they would participate.
“ Public music? I think it’s a great idea.”
Pitchside glockenspiels help to create an electric atmosphere at the match.
Knowledge: Our roaming music education officers have the answers if you have the questions.

In tandem to the Open Councils drive to promote amateur music and learning we want to introduce Community Music Officers to patrol the city.

They can provide tips and advice about your instrument or give encouragement if things are moving slowly.

A 'public glockenspiel' outside the Hatton Gallery
The Open Council hopes to develop the Public Glockenspiel scheme to include multi instrument sites. This would allow for spontaneous jam sessions to break out and also make it possible to join in with others if you feel like it.
A young reveller improvising.

The Open Council are working on a new set of proposals that combine floral display with musical practice and improvisation.

The glockenspiels are intended to be played by anyone who feels the urge to do so. Non-musicians are especially encouraged to have a blast.

"Why not improvise?