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The Pond Swapping policy leaflet.
"every little helps."
The benefits of Pond Swapping
"Pond Swapping brings people together"
Jim Roberts emptying Wallsend into Jesmond.
Pond swapping is a great way to meet new people. When two communities take up the challenge of a Pond Swap a strong bond is created between them that lasts long after the swaps are complete.
Why start Pond Swapping?
Jim Roberts doing his bit during the 2005 Jesmond - Wallsend Pond Swap.

How does Pond Swapping operate?

A swap begins with an opening ceremony where the first container is transported by an elected member of each community.

When the swap is under way the ponds are in continuous transit until the swap is complete. A swap is considered complete when 51% of the volume of the pond has been transported.

Where is Pond Swapping?

Where there is a pond there is the potential for Pond Swapping. Communities signed up for Pond Swapping include: Byker, Heaton, Gosforth, Jesmond, Walkergate, Benwell, Fenham, Ouseburn and Wallsend.

Pond is literally transported from one location to another in small, hand held receptacles. By the members of each community.
Pond Swapping is an Open Council project designed to strengthen community ties and build relationships between communities across Newcastle.
What is Pond Swapping?