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The Open Council believe that membership is participation but you can also participate in an active way by sending in your policy suggestions to makepolicy@opencouncil.co.uk or by submitting content for one of our 'call for work' schemes.

For background information about the Open Council's Experimental Policies and advice on developing your own policy, have a look at the new Open Council Policy Content Policy.

People from outside our catchment area can become members through our word of mouth membership policy. This means that membership in the Open Council is automatic and effective immediately on encountering stories about the Open Council via a third party or on encountering Open Council literature of any kind. If you suddenly become a member through word of mouth and do not want to participate just fill out the form. Individual Opt Out Form

Open Council members on Northumberland Street.
Participating in the Open Council is a fun and rewarding experience for adults and children from all walks of life, and its easy! In fact its so easy that you may already be a member without even knowing it because the Open Council operates a policy of assumed membership. This means that if you are a member of the community here in Newcastle then you are a member of the Open Council because we work to develop policies that are specifically tailored to trigger the community imagination. It is possible to opt out of membership by filling in the Opt Out form and emailing it to optout@opencouncil.co.uk