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The Orange Charming policy leaflet.
Charm testing the visual art at the Hatton Gallery.

Students of Music, Fine Art and Combination have always represented our greatest hope of achieving a charming.

All the final performances and exhibitions at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are tested thoroughly.

Open Councillors attend every event.

The Open Council Orange Charming Campaign uses not just music but creativity of all kinds to achieve a charming.

Every art gallery and music venue in the city is tested regularly by our councillors.

This event is the driving force behind all of the Open Council’s activities and continues to inspire us to develop policies that encourage creativity and well being in the community.
The Open Council logo is a symbol of process.

When the orange was almost completely peeled the boy, who was by this time exhausted, stopped playing. As soon as he did the orange stopped peeling and flopped on the table. The boy tried again to peel the orange but it never moved.

From that day on every person in the village learnt to play an instrument and dedicated their time to orange charming. No other charmings were reported but everybody became fantastic musicians and the village fairs became increasingly popular.

The Orange Charming legend is an effective teaching and learning device.

One of the Open Council’s founding goals is to achieve an orange charming. An orange charming refers to an ancient legend about a boy who while playing his flute noticed that the orange on his table began to move.

He kept playing and the orange kept moving. He called his older brother to look. He was amazed ‘keep playing’ he said and ran off to call the neighbours. Soon the whole village gathered around and watched in wonderment.

The boy played his flute like never before and slowly the skin of the orange began to split and tear. Amid gasps of astonishment from the crowd the orange started to peel itself, its peel rising higher and higher in the air.

What is Orange Charming?
The Open Council Orange Charming Campaign