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Policies Pending/


The Manhole Dancing polciy leaflet.
On the edge: Removing a manhole cover creates an effect identical to some works by Anish Kapoor. (above)

Police are being tight lipped about the precise nature of the evidence and are consulting art experts from Newcastle University. One possible explanation is thought to be that over enthusiastic students are taking the manhole covers in a bid to recreate works by turner prize winning artist Anish Kapoor in public.

Click this link for more information about stolen manhole covers.

Danger: This is what happens!
Over 85 manhole covers have been stolen by thieves, some of them members, in the first six months of this year alone. This is part of a growing trend throughout the Kingdom. Out of the 85 covers stolen it is thought that 16 were dance pitches and officers said there has been mounting evidence that some of the thief's are artists. Insidents of citizens committing offences in the name of art are on the rise. In 2003 Aaron Barschak, the self-proclaimed 'comedy terrorist' was in court for throwing paint at popular 'brit art' star Jake Chapman claiming that he was incorporating Chapman into a work of his own.
Theft of Dance Pitches - 23/08/08
Revealed: This cracking pitch outside the Civic Centre was revealed after the bushes were trimmed.
There are great pitches in spectacular locations all over Newcastle and surrounding areas so why not try them out. Send us your pictures of great dance pitches and great dancing in your area for your chance to be featured in the Open Council Photography Exhibition.
The Open Council dance team on the way to test the Newgate Street 'pitches'
Stuart Jones and Stephanie Imbeau share a dance during the interval at the Northan Stage.
It is our goal for every citizen to have access to a range of dance pitches within a 20 meter radius of their positions at any point in the city.
A manhole dancing event outside Manors metro station.
Installing the new 'dance pitches' on Newgate Street
The Open Council’s Manhole Dancing scheme has been running for over two years with such success that we are now planning to work with Newcastle City Council to install a range of manhole covers or ‘dance pitches’ exclusively for dancing on.
Manhole Dancing......."practice in public"