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“The funny thing is I was following someone myself."
In 2001 Mary Walker made a journey from Haymarket Metro station to The Baltic. By the time she reached the Millennium bridge she was being discreetly followed by 45 unconnected individuals and an unknown number of emotional followers.
Most Followers
The longest following occurred in 2005 when Dave Hughes (39) of Gateshead followed Simon Jackson (25) from the quayside all the way back to Durham after Simon missed the bus after a night out with friends.
“ I couldn't’t believe it, he just kept going and going. I had to stay at his house."
Longest Following
Jennifer Southall followed our mystery leader from Byker Bridge to Jesmond Dene where she was met by our team and presented with a cheque for £1,560 and a magnum of Champagne.
Jennifer Southall brandishes her cheque.

Every week one of our councillors will pose as an ordinary person, looking just like anyone else you might decide to follow.

The mystery leader will lead the follower or followers to a pre-arranged location where they will receive a first class welcome and cash prizes.

Mystery Leaders
"The Open Council encourages good natured following of all types."

Award winning author John Lanchester is an experienced follower who uses his following experiences as inspiration for the characters in his books.

His best selling book, Mr. Phillips, was the result of months of regular physical and emotional following.

This method has the advantage of being able to be practiced in the comfort of your own home and is particularly popular with senior citizens.
Young follower Dean Mitchell practices on Tynemouth Beach.
Alternatively you can also follow somebody mentally and emotionally. Simply choose somebody as a starting point and let them guide your thoughts. Who are they? What do they do? Where are they going?
Casual followers on Northumberland Street.

Types of following

The most common method is physical following where you simply choose somebody and follow in their footsteps. This method is favoured by beginners and casual followers.

Following is a hobby enjoyed by an ever increasing number of people young and old, throughout the district.
Anyone can follow